I was young and saw a ghost standing beside my bed at 3 a.m. in the morning. This man wore a suit and hat and later on it became obvious he was dressed in a dark pinstriped suit. Oh there was chills running through me as I ducked under the covers and peeked to see if he was still there. The glare in his eyes wasn’t set upon me but rather somewhere across my bedroom at the wall. It was as though he was lost in another place and time but it wasn’t mine.

It took me a long time to muster up enough courage and run out of the room and try to stay with my parents the rest of that night, only to be told to go back turn on the lights and no-one would be there. Well I did and no-one was there, so then the lights remained on the whole rest of the night. How come my mom thought it was not real I wonder. It certainly seemed real enough to me. I bore the pain of the pinch I gave myself the next day. That was real and it is just to unbelievable that I saw a pin striped suit yet didn’t know at my young age what that was. I also know we lived on property that once stood a one hundred year old school house torn down to build the house we lived in.

I used to have the most scary dreams of children playing outside my door in the backyard and I was trying to escape from a man and a women that were dead and coming after me. I always made it to the door and left that darkness to be outside with the others where it was a sunny day. It haunted me and hearing cupboard doors opening and shutting in the early morning hours, but finding everyone was still in bed upon investigating was very strange. As I have grown older being so close to the odd and unusual occurences just sparks my curiosity and when hearing disbelievers scoff at the idea of ghosts and such they seem like very closed-minded individuals to me. Life is very mysterious in a way science will just have to catch up to people like me. Perhaps one day….